VAST: Value-Add Services and Tools

To get the most value from Google Apps Premier Edition, look beyond email, calendar, and contacts.  Value-add services enhance the capabilities of Google Apps to better meet business requirements.  Value-Add tools enhance the users' experience and ability to work with Google Apps more effectively and efficiently.  


Email Archiving / Discovery

Whether needed for compliance or as a backup in case of accidental deletions, Google Message Discovery provides compliant archiving and discovery systems that capture all incoming, outgoing, and internal email with Google Apps.  Message Discovery is designed to help organizations meet SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, Sarbanes/Oxley, and other regulatory requirements with secure, Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage and up to ten years of retention.

Email Encryption

With many states enacting strict privacy laws, enhanced PCI standards, and increasingly strict HIPAA regulations, intelligent email encryption can protect you from intentional or accidental disclosure of personal information.  Horizon offers a range of encryption services and options, each designed to help meet your organizations' needs, policies, and budget.

Directory Synchronization

Google Apps does not run in a vacuum.  Directory Synchronization provides an automated means of coordinating user identities and accounts between Google Apps and your in-house IT systems.  By connecting Google Apps to your directory service -- MS Active Directory and most LDAP-compliant services -- user account creation and identity synchronization can be automated.  You save time, effort, and money.  

Single Sign On / Two Factor Authentication

For some companies, strong usernames and passwords encrypted via SSL is not secure enough.  Users should have one login that provides access to the proper web-based and internal systems.  Furthermore, organizations should be able to incorporate two factor authentication for better security and system protection.  Working with leading third party providers, Horizon can configure robust login management solutions.  Your systems are more secure with lower admin costs.

Web Filtering

Not all viruses come via email.  Most malware gets installed by users as the unwittingly visit infected sites.  A small piece of malware spreading through your network can bring your business to a halt.

Fortunately, Horizon Info Services offers web filtering solutions that help keep users off dangerous sites, enforce web usage policy, and scan end user network traffic for spam/virus.


  • MS Outlook Sync

While the web interfaces to Gmail, calendar, and other Google Apps services provide efficient access to information and features, some users will always prefer the look and feel of MS Outlook.  For some companies, Outlook is also needed for integration with other systems.  Horizon helps customers install, use, and support Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook.  In doing so, users keep the experience they prefer while the organization benefits from Google Apps.

  • MS Office Integration (OffiSync)

Changing email systems is one thing; asking users to change their word processor and spreadsheet program is another.  OffiSync lets users work in MS Office and collaborate in Google Apps -- Sites and Docs.  The OffISync toolbar is a MS Office extension that lets users open, save, share, and collaborate via Google Docs and Google Sites from a toolbar within MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Shared Contacts

  • Whether you need a single Global Address List (GAL) or multiple shared Address Books with permission-based security, Horizon can help.  Horizon offers a variety of shared contact management tools, each of which integrate into your operating environment.

  • Desktop Integration (Gladinet)

  • With the ability to store files of any time and manage permissions by folder and file, Google Docs can serve as a shared file storage service. But, uploading and downloading documents via the web interface can be cumbersome.  Gladinet lets you mount Google Docs and other cloud storage solutions as a letter drive on your Windows desktop.